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 Warning: This site shows preemie and micro-preemie baby dolls.  Each is a life size portrait of a real baby. To see more babies click the preemie and micropreemie links on this site. These dolls are accurate representations of human babies from conception to full term dated by the weeks of gestation of the mother's pregnancy.  

These dolls are: medically accurate, anatomically correct as requested by hospitals for prenatal education, life size, checked by parents and doctors for accuracy in size, detail and proportions. These dolls are approved by obstetricians, used by dulas in educating their clients, used in court to show the development of an unborn child.They are also used as healing dolls, for grieving parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage, still birth and abortion. 
Parents use them to show their family how much of a Miracle their preterm baby is or was. They bring comfort to many and prove that the unborn are human beings deserving love and respect. 

The dolls  are portrait dolls sculpted by request of the parents who have signed a contract allowing their child's sculpted image to be displayed here. These dolls are requested as memorial dolls or dolls that celebrate the miracle birth of real living children. The parents have supplied all medical records that validate the accuracy of these models as life size portrait sculptures.  

With proper care these resin art dolls can be cherished for many years. 

"Hold the beauty of life in the palm of your hand!"
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We look forward to helping you show the beauty of God's Little Ones to the world!
Please pray for us!
May God bless all you do that honors Him,
( the artist who makes these dolls)
and the women of our small church who help me!

Please, Help the Artist

Attention: Parents of babies born alive at 33 weeks gestation,  34 weeks gestation, 37 weeks gestation

Do you want a portrait doll made of your baby?  The portait doll artist is accepting new orders for portrait dolls for these sizes  33,  34,  37  weeks gestation. 
She is also willing to help parents with finances of these sizes who have read and signed the parent contract. Please contact her for details. This offer is on a first come first serve basis! 

Artist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks of gestation. 
contact  the artists to help,....... Thank you!

If you have a living miracle baby and would be interested in a life size portrait of your baby please read the parent contract and contact the artist for details. 

I am accepting paid requests to sculpt and put into resin a life size portrait doll of your child. This is a portrait doll service. The cost of making a portrait doll and the time to make them is high. 

I am especially looking to sculpt the sizes listed above, and new born infants.

Resin and silicone are not cheap materials they are petroleum based and the prices have risen with the price of gasoline.
Artist is not able to offer this without compensation for material costs. 
This is not a factory or a doll company or a non-profit orgainization.

The artist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks of gestation to show the world the beauty of these little ones.

Miscarried or babies who pass after birth are still accepted as portraits upon artist approval. Use the order form to contact artist directly with questions. Read the parent contract for details.

If you are looking for a comfort doll because you have lost a baby, please order any of the dolls you see above that are the same size of your little one. All babies can be ordered as a boy or girl.

The artist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks to show the beauty of these little ones to the world. This goal will be met in the near future as the Lord allows.
"We offer several ways to contact the artistwith your opinions of the dolls. One is our guest book the other is our opinions page which contains polls and messages from viewers. Feel free to leave messages on one or both. We value your opinions, positive and negative. Not everyone visiting the site has the same opinion of these art dolls. Feel free to express your opinion in a respectful manner.
 Cursing and offensive comments are deleted. All comments and notes are read by the artist who is the site writer. When you leave a message the artist is notified by the site automatically.
We make original Newborn Baby Portrait Dolls,
One of a kind original mini baby dolls, Preemie dollsMicro-preemie dolls, models of fetal and embryo development. 
All the dolls and models on this site are life size portraits of real babies originally sculpted by one artist.
When viewing the web pages in this site you will see a
Week by week view of how a baby grows in the womb.

This site is an online gallery of one portrait doll artist.

This is the online original portrait art doll gallery
of one original portrait Doll Aritst.
These dolls are made of resin, a high quality plastic that looks like and feels like porcelain but is not as fragile. They are created one at a time from the artist own molds.  Each mold can only produce 20 resin castings then a new mold has to be remade.
It isnota site advertising the work of a doll factory.
There is no paid staff here or large stock room filled with dolls.
These dolls are homemade, and all originals.
No one else in the world sells them.
All dolls are custom orders and take many weeks for the artist to fill.They are collectable art dolls.This site is full of images and may load slow.
Thank you for being patient. 
These photos are of dolls that have been made for other customers.
When you place an order your doll will be custom made for you from the artist own molds.
Portrait hand sculpted dolls are also available of your living preemie or new born.
Read parent contract for details. 
All images and text on this site are copyright protected. All rights reserved. Use of texts or photos without permission from the artist is illegal.
Thanks for visiting, please invite others to see the babies!
Hank at 25 weeks with real one day old Springer Spaniel puppy.
Real puppy not included.
What are Gods Little Ones?
These collector quality baby dolls are;Portrait Dolls,  Preemie Dolls,Micro-preemie dolls,,Baby dolls, Infant dolls, Baby Shower gifts, Pro-life gifts, Prenatal Development Models, Healing Dolls, Comfort dolls,,Embryo models,,Fetal models,,,Miracle Baby dolls, fetus  dolls,,Gifts,Prenatal models, Prenatal educational models, collectable dolls, Crisis Pregnancy Center Models, Memorial gifts, tangible  tangible Visual proof Personhood/human life starts at conception. Art Dolls, Resin Dolls, Original three dimensional portraits, life size, portraits of real babies born from 3 weeks gestation to full term. New born baby dolls soon to be added.
Life size portrait doll of Kellie: 
"A Warrior and a Christian"
Kelly is a Living Miracle Baby born at 23 weeks gestation. This is one week younger than the age of viability.
from photos of actual micro-preemie )

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Mitchell @ 40 weeks
Available soon! This doll in this photo is the original sculpt, it is not painted yet. Mitchell will be our first silicone baby doll! You may pre-order him through the order form.His price is not set yet, but you can email for an estimate.

This is not a not for profit orgainization!
This work is only underwritten by the artist who in the end puts all the profits into making the next doll/model for educational purposes. The artist is a full time elementary teacher and fills orders in her free time, mostly during summer vacation.
The materials used to make the silicone molds and resin castings are very expensive and the price list reflects the cost of these materials.

Pocket size pro-life plastic display case, baby models 3-9 weeks of life. Visual Proof personhood starts at conception. Early human life cycle medically accurate. $50.00.Order form to place order.
Best Seller! Proven Prenatal Pro-Life Educational Tool!​ Micro-preemie set of babies shown above,  comes in plastic display case, shows personhood of early human life cycle,  from 3-13 weeks of Life/5-15 weeks gestation. Solid resin casts from original sculpts from medical texts sculpted by the artist, highly detailed and checked for medical accuracy. Available in mixed skin tones, and also micro-preemie pink. $75.00 a set use order form to order.
12 weeks gestation micro-preemie/ fetal model in artist hand. Resin cast, hand painted. $10.00. Available in ethnic skin tones. Order form to order.
Warning: Fetal, Embryo models below, Micro-preemies, Early Human life cycle display cases.