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Questions and Answers
What are they?

  Portrait dolls originally hand sculpted in clay, now hand cast in resin. Life size according to medical records. Accurate in details such as birth weight, length, and head circumference. Artist goal is to sculpt and put into resin all 38 weeks of life. Life starts at fertilization. Resin duplicates find details from the artist sculpts.

Who makes them?

 Art teacher Catherine Jacobs, a Christian mother of four children on earth and one in heaven.

Where are they made?

 Currently not in production. For over 20 years they have been hand cast one at a time in upstate NY. The molds have reached their capacity and are no longer useful. New production molds must be made to continue this work. 

When will they be available?

 As soon at the reserve number of pre-orders is reached for each model/doll to cast in multiples or funding is available.

Why are they made?

To show the delicate beauty of human life before birth so you can hold the beauty of life in the palm of your hand.

How are they made?

Hand sculpted by the artist according to medical records and photos supplied by the parents of Micro-Preemies, Preemies, and Pre-born babies. One mold set is made for each arm, leg, body and head. They are then hand cast them in resin, sanded, painted, and finished. Women in our church help sew and hand crochet the blankets. 

How have they been used?

As portrait dolls, scientific and medical, prenatal educational models, prolife displays, proof of the humanness of the preborn baby in courts of law, models in documentaries and films. Commemorative dolls for miracle babies celebrating their birth, grief therapy dolls for miscarriage, abortion, infant and still birth. 

How much money is needed?

 Artist needs preorders that add up to $2,000 of each doll to restart production. $10,000 is needed to finish the series of sculpting all 38 weeks of life and creating them in resin to complete the set. Once the series is complete large pro-life organizations have offered to help in mass production process.

What can I do to help:

 Pray, donate funding to help production cost, spread the word, blog about them, contact artist for details/ interview/ permission to use photos of them.

How can I preorder one or a set?

 Go the site www.godslittleones.com and email the artist for the price list and waiting list. When the reserve is met the production will restart. It may take many months depending on the popularity of a model to get the required amount of orders. Holiday season will be a longer wait time. Order now to get ahead of the rush. 

How much do they cost?

 That depends on the model and the number of them that are ordered. First trimester (6-12 weeks dolls) $
. Second trimester $
, Third trimester $