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Glory Forms

Writers Conferences

by Catherine Jacobs on 06/30/18

Come join me at two christian writers conferences this summer. for the 29th Annual Montrose Christian Writers Conference. July 22-27, 2018
at the Greater Philly Christian Writers ConferenceGreater Philly photo
July 26-28 At the Dock Mennonite Academy in Lansdale, Pa
I am not a presenter. I am participating as almost an author.
Some day I hope the book I have written illustrating how a baby grows in utero for little children, will someday be published. 

Bad News/ Good News/ Best News

by Catherine Jacobs on 04/02/18

Bad News- January 1st I fell down our stairs at home pulling muscles and ended up in the Emergency Room. 

Good News - Stairs were carpeted and I broke nothing, Praise the Lord! Off a week at work to heal. 
Bad News- Feb. 15th I had an Appendectomy which ruptured, hemorrhaged, abscessed, then a blood transfusion, lots of pain, almost three weeks in hospital, Off seven weeks from work teaching, to heal. 
Good News- I have a publisher interested in the book. 

Best News! I have received a donation to finish sculpting the rest of the models in the series.

 If you have a baby born 33, 34, 37, or 39 weeks of pregnancy and you would like a birth portrait doll sculpted please contact me for details. I can do now do this at minimal cost.
This offer is on a first come basis.

Wanted: Testimonials Please

by Catherine Jacobs on 08/17/17

Dear Friends:

If you have been helped in any way by the work of this artist please post a comment in the guest book. If you would be willing to have your testimony of how these models/dolls helped you heal or in any other way please contact the artist for details. We are looking for ways to share stories of this work with publications that can reach many other people.
Please email me by clicking the email link. 
Kind regards to you,
The artist,


by Catherine Jacobs on 07/23/17

Have you ever been in a pickle? I have. Lately I have been in a lot of pain. So much that I have not been able to make these dolls. I want to but I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Thats why my hands have had shooting burning pains in them. It often brings tears to my eyes. So what about making these dolls. I ask myself should I continue in pain or try to get help?
Well I have tried to get help and so far I am not able to do that. 
It's a real Pickle, for me anyway. 

So I was in church and the pastors wife does our children's church.  This past week she talked about pickles. Yep you heard it right. Pickles! 

They come in lots of varieties, sour, dill, sweet, bread and butter etc. 

So anyway, her point was that were are often in a pickle as we go about our days, troubles and stress come all around us and tempt us to give up and stop doing the things we know we should do for the Lord. 

 We are reminded in Psalms 18:6 KJV
In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears. 

So this week my hands feel a little better. The braces I sleep in and work in are starting to help the swelling go down. Please pray the pain will go away.  
Remember this: Pickles are under pressure but they are always well preserved.

 God will help those who believe in Him, He will preserve you in times of trouble. Read the entire chapter to see how. 

Whats your favorite kind of Pickle? Mine is dill. Have a great week! Be sweet if you get into any pickles.

Starting again!

by Catherine Jacobs on 10/10/16

Dear Viewers:

 After a couple of years of delays we are considering opening the production again of these models. 

Artist is seeking funding for production of these models and sets to enable them to be used for prenatal educational purposes.

Preorders are being considered ask artist for details of the models you would like to preorder.

Sign InView Entries
Model search for babies born at 33, 34, 37, 39 weeks of pregnancy. 

A grant has been made to cover the cost of materials for making your portrait doll by

Artist goal is to finish the series of sculpting all 40 weeks of life. 
You can help save real babies lives.
 Please contact artist. See link below.